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Zayn Saifi (YouTuber) Born, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career & More

Indian YouTuber

Zayn Saifi

Zayn Saifi (Born 12 February 1996) is an Indian youtuber, actor and member of Round 2. Hell. Nazim Ahmed and Wasim Ahmad were his two closest a partner. We have often seen Zayn playing a new character in every video. known for 1959 (2021), Zombie the Living Dead: Round2hell (2021) and Age of Water – Round2Hell (2022).

Early Lifestyle

Zayn Saifi (YouTuber) Born, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career & MoreZain’s real name is Shahrukh Saifi was born 12 February 1996 in Pakwara, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. He has Indian citizenship and comes from an Islamic household. Zayn graduated from Modern Public School in Moradabad and left Zakir Hussain College to pursue a bachelor’s degree in science. According to reports, he was an exceptionally patient and calm kid who loved sports and exercise and aspired to fame from a young age. His sibling, Talib Saifi, is also a YouTuber and a member of the Round2hell team. We were unable to obtain details about his parents, relatives, siblings, or immediate family. If we learn anything new, we’ll post right away.

NameZayn Saifi
Born 2 February 1996 in Pakwara, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Channel Round 2 Hell
Height 5′ 8″ in ft & in
Weight70 Kg approx.
Education Modern Public School, Moradabad
SiblingTalib Saifi

YouTube Career

Zayn Saifi (YouTuber) Born, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career & MoreIn 2016, Zayn began his YouTube business. after failing to graduate Three close friends, Zayn, Wasim, and Nazim, made the decision to start producing YouTube videos in 2015 on subjects spanning from comedy to science fiction. They gave their channel the moniker Round2hell (r2h), and as a result, they became well-known on social media.

However, they did not quickly become ubiquitous. They open the channel for posting the football game montages videos right away. In reality, Nazim has enjoyed playing football since he was a young child. He proposed uploading football montages videos, but he didn’t receive many positive comments from YouTube users.

They then posted the second half of it, but the reaction remained the same. Wasim claimed in an interview that their first two to three videos also received few views before they switched to producing comedic sketch videos for vines. Their fifteenth film, “Jio Users After 31st March,” became popular. For them, it was a film that changed the course of the game; it has received more than 10,000 views.

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