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Sidhu Moose Wala (Singer) Born, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career & More

Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala (Singer) Born, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career & MoreShubhdeep Singh Sidhu (Born 11 June 1993 – 29 May 2022), better known by his stage name Sidhu Moose Wala, was an Indian rapper, singer and songwriter. He specializes primarily in Punjabi music. With the release of his song “So High,” Sidhu became well-known. His first album, PBX 1, was released in 2018 and reached its peak position of number 66 on the Billboard Canadian Albums list. On the UK Singles Chart, his song “47” reached number one. The Guardian listed Moose Wala as one of 50 emerging performers in 2020.He is recognized as one of the most influential Punjabi artists of his generation.He was also credited with being a crucial player in facilitating Punjabi musicians’ entry into the mainstream.

Moose Wala, who was born in Moosa, Mansa district, started his career in 2016 as a composer for Ninja’s song “License” and continued in 2017 as the lead singer for the duet song “G Wagon” with Gurlez Akhtar. He collaborated with Brown Boyz on a number of tracks after making his debut. His tracks peaked at the top of the UK Asian Music chart. His song “Bambiha Bole” reached its highest position on the Global YouTube music list at number five. Songs from his 2021 album Moosetape, which he released, were featured on many foreign charts, including the Billboard Global 200, Billboard Global Excl. US, Canadian Hot 100, UK Asian, and New Zealand Hot charts. On the Billboard India Songs chart, the bulk of his songs are at number one.

Early life & Personal life 

Sidhu Moose Wala (Singer) Born, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career & MoreShubhdeep Singh Sidhu was Born 11 June 1993 in Moosa, Mansa district, Punjab, India. His parents, father Balkaur Singh and mother Charan Kaur, were Jat Sikhs. He received his electrical engineering degree from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering Institute in Ludhiana in 2016. Tupac Shakur, a musician, was respected and had an impact on Moose Wala. Sidhu received music lessons from Harvinder Bittu in Ludhiana. And started listening to hip hop music as a student at umbrella school. He selected the stage name “Moose Wala” in honour of his hometown of Moosa, he claimed while running for office. Moose Wala relocated to Brampton, Ontario, Canada as a foreign student after graduating. During his residence there, he attended Humber College.

Due to his strong attachment to his community, Moosa, Moose Wala used to reside there. His fans used to travel to his village every day to meet him when he was living. He had a strong bond with his grandma. Because his father couldn’t due to an accident, he retained his hair at his grandmother’s request, which was very significant in Sikhism. Afsana Khan, Gippy Grewal, and Amrit Maan are some artists who claim that Moose Wala’s personality was completely distinct from his songs. He was a practical guy in real life.

NameShubhdeep Singh Sidhu
Born 11 June 1993 in  Moosa, Mansa district, Punjab, India
Died29 May 2022 (aged 28)

Jawaharke, Mansa district, Punjab, India
Height in feet inches- 6′ 1”
Weight85 kg approx. 
Parent’sBalkaur SinghCharan Kaur
OccupationIndian Rapper
Education Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College
Politics PartyIndian National Congress


Rise to fame

The song “Tochan” by Moose Wala was published in May 2018. Following the single was “Famous,” which debuted in the Top 40 of the UK Asian Charts. He received a nomination for “Issa Jatt” for the Best New Age Sensation title at the 2018 PTC Punjabi Music Awards. He released “Dollar,” the first single from his debut soundtrack, in August 2018 for the movie Dakuaan Da Munda. Moose Wala published his pop music with a hip-hop influence debut album, PBX 1, in October 2018. On the Canadian Albums Chart, the record was charted. At the 2019 Brit Asia TV Music Awards, it helped him win the Best Album Prize.Sidhu Moose Wala (Singer) Born, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career & More

While residing in Brampton, Moose Wala released his debut single, “G Wagon”. In India, he began to give live performances in 2018. Additionally, he had played in Canada. In 2017, Moose Wala and Byg Byrd collaborated on the gangsta rap song “So High,” which became his breakthrough single. He received the 2017 Brit Asia TV Music Awards’ Best Lyricist honour for the tune. With singles like “Issa Jatt,” “It’s All About You,” “Just Listen,” and “Warning Shots,” he proceeded to enjoy success.

Continued success in 2019 his own record label, Moose Wala issued “Legend” in February 2019. 2019’s Britasia TV Kuflink Best Track of the Year Prize went to him for it. He published “Chosen” and “Outlaw” in the same month. “East Side Flow,” which was followed by “Mafia Style,” was published by Moose Wala in April 2019. Due to violent incidents that occurred during his previous performances, his engagement at the Surrey Music Festival in June 2019 had to be cancelled.

He published “Poison” that same month, which included R Nait. “Sohne Lagde,” a song by Moose Wala with The PropheC, was published in July 2019. He published “Hathyar,” the film’s soundtrack, for Sikander 2 in the same month.Bohemia and Moose Wala worked together on the song “Same Feud” in August 2019. He released two film soundtrack tracks in September 2019: “Dogar” for Teri Meri Jodi and “Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi” for Ardab Mutiyaran, both of which featured Sonam Bajwa.

The song “B Town” was published in October 2019. In addition, he published “47,” a song with Mist and Stefflon Don that peaked at number 20 on the UK Singles Chart. The song was also included in the Hot 40 singles list for New Zealand. With the song “Dhakka” in December 2019, Moose Wala put an end to the year. Along with Maninder Buttar and Karan Aujla, he was listed by Spotify as one of the top three Punjabi singers in 2019.


He and Nseeb appeared on Prem Dhillon’s song “Old School” in January 2020. “Tibeyan Da Putt,” which peaked at number one on the iTunes charts and reached number eight on the Apple Music charts in India, came after the tune. Snitches Get Stitches, his second studio record, was released in May 2020. The same month, he also made the song “Dear Mama” available in honour of his mother’s birthday. He co-wrote the single “Bambiha Bole” with Amrit Maan in June 2020. Within 24 hours, its music video had received over ten million views. His song “SYL” (which is based on the Satluj Yamuna link canal) reached its posthumous peak positions in June 2022 at positions 27, 81, 3, and 200 on the Global Excl. US list.

Music production

After releasing a number of popular tracks with Humble Music, Moose Wala began putting out music on his own in 2018. In his debut single, “Warning Shots,” he took aim at Karan Aujla’s song “Lafaafe” in a revenge track. The majority of his songs as well as tracks from other artists were released under his own label after his debut album, PBX 1, was released under T-Series in the same year. Snitches Get Stitches, Moose Wala’s second studio album, was published in 2020 on his own label. The formal opening of Moose Wala’s record label, 5911 Records, took place on August 31, 2020.


With the Punjabi film Yes I Am Student, produced by his own Jatt Life Studios, Moose Wala made his acting début. Gill Raunta wrote the screenplay, and Tarnvir Singh Jagpal directed the movie. Moose Wala made an appearance in Teri Meri Jodi in 2019. Sidhu revealed a new movie, Gunah, for June 2020. He debuted the teaser for his upcoming film, Moosa Jatt, which will be helmed by Tru Makers and feature Sweetaj Brar, on August 22, 2021. He revealed the release date for his new Amberdeep Singh-produced movie, Jattan Da Munda Gaun Lagya, on August 24, 2021.


In their rivalry, Moose Wala and Karan Aujla exchanged responses via songs, social media accounts, and live shows. Both have received criticism for tracks that glorify violence. When Sidhu’s video mocking Aujla in his song was leaked to Aujla’s management, they vowed to harm Sidhu, according to Elly Mangat, Moose Wala’s and Aujla’s then-colleague, who revealed this in an interview. Both began pursuing one another on social media after the event. The conflict was briefly resolved until Sidhu’s “Warning Shot” and Aujla’s “Lafaafe,” two diss tracks, were released. In an interview, Aujla admitted that he didn’t compose the song “Lafaafe” and stayed mum about their rivalry while praising Moose Wala’s work. When Moose Wala passed away, Aujla remembered him with

Legal issues and controversies

Sidhu Moose Wala (Singer) Born, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career & MoreMoose Wala was being prosecuted at the time of his demise for encouraging gun culture and violence. Two of the accusations involved obscene images. Two videos showing Moose Wala went viral on social media in May 2020: one showed him receiving instruction from police officers on how to use an AK-47, and the other showed him shooting a personal pistol. Following the incident, the six cops who had helped him were suspended.

He was charged on May 19 with violating two parts of the Weapons Act. When the authorities started searching for Moose Wala, he fled to avoid being apprehended. The Barnala District Court denied Moose Wala’s and five other accused officers’ request for anticipatory bail on June 2.

References to Mai Bhago

His song “Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi,” which features the name of Mai Bhago, a 17th-century Sikh warrior woman, was considered offensive by Sikh leaders in September 2019.Sikh delegations and Akali Dal leaders complained about Moose Wala in Mansa and Bathinda after demanding a ban on the music. Following a social media apology, Moose Wala appeared in front of the Sikh religious authority Akal Takht in March 2020 for a hearing regarding the incident.

References to Khalistan movement

In support of the Indian farmers’ protest against the 2020 Indian agriculture acts, Moose Wala released the song “Panjab: My Motherland” in December 2020. The song featured speeches from Bharpur Singh Balbir, a supporter of Khalistan (in the political sense), and clips of an orthodox militant named Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Khalistan, according to Moose Wala in an interview, is a location that is free from corruption, just like it was when Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled and where people of all faiths coexisted.


Sidhu Moose Wala vigorously promoted his mother Charan Kaur, who triumphed in the Moosa village sarpanch poll in December 2018. During the 2020 elections, when the election code of conduct was being broken. At that time Sidhu was being charged under section 188. After the election campaign’s allotted time had passed, he conducted a door-to-door campaign in the Mansa district. Moose Wala released a song named “Scapegoat” on April 11, 2022, lamenting his defeat in the 2022 Punjab elections.

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