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Shahrukh Jordi (Youtuber) Born, Height, Weight, Career, Family & More

Shahrukh Jordi (Youtuber)

Shahrukh Jordi (Youtuber) Born, Height, Weight, Career, Family & MoreShahrukh Jordi (born 12 September) is an Indian YouTuber, comedian, and member of the Sevenger’s team. who has been working with the scavengers for the past few years. Who completed their journey of 11 million very fast. We have often seen Shahrukh in the videos of Sevenger’s. Where they have made us laugh by playing different characters like lala ji, special staf, chhotu, hanif madari, mistr, master ji and nannu pan baaz.

Early Lifestyle

Shahrukh Jordi (Youtuber) Born, Height, Weight, Career, Family & MoreShahrukh Khan Jordi was born 12 September in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. Although Shahrukh is a resident of Bulandshahr, but he has been living in Delhi for a long time. Apart from Shahrukh, he has 3 other brothers, of whom he is the youngest. and in 2016 shahrukh lost his father. Because of which all the responsibility of the family fell on his head. Shahrukh had completed his studies from the school itself. After the passing of his father, he along with his elder brother managed a grocery shop.

NameShahrukh Khan Jordi
Born12 Sep in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight65 Kg
Educationdelhi university
ChannelSevenger’s (11 Million)


career in YouTube

Shahrukh Jordi (Youtuber) Born, Height, Weight, Career, Family & MoreBy the way, Sharukh started his career with Tiktok, but he used to make short videos related to action on Tiktok. But due to the banned of Tiktok on 29 June 2020, he had to shift to YouTube. Earlier, Shahrukh used to make action videos with his friends, but he did not get any special result from that. And due to less time, he had to convert the action video into a comedy video. He was getting good and very quick results in comedy videos, so he didn’t stop comedy and continued it.

career in Sevenger’s

When Sharukh started making comedy videos, he met Sevengers. Mohammed Asif and Nadeem used to work together inside Sevengers and at that time, Sevenger was the only channel in their area that made comedy videos. After that he joined Sevenger’s and started working with them. After working together for some time, such a thing came in the middle due to which Shahrukh had to leave the team but after some time he was brought back inside the team and again got a chance.

Music Video

2022Shukriya SevengersKhanmusix, Master GSevengenrs

External links

Sevenger’s at YouTube

Sevengers ki Sena at YouTube 

Shahrukh khan at Instagram 



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