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Naba Das (Politician) Born, career, Wife, Biography & More

Naba Das (Politician)

Naba Kishore Das ( 7 January 1962 – 29 January 2023) was an Indian politician. He represented Jharsuguda in the Odisha Legislative Assembly from 2009 until his death. He joined the Indian National Congress first before switching to the Biju Janata Dal.

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Naba Das (Politician) Born, career, Wife, Biography & More Das was born on 7 January 1962 in village Mirzamunda, Sambalpur, Odisha. Das’s father (Nara Singh Chandra Das) who was a good businessman and mother(Bishnupriya) who was a housewife. Das completed his studies from Gangadhar Maihar University which is located in Sambalpur, Odisha.

During his college days, Kishore was actively involved in politics. He started his political journey by joining the Student’s Federation of India (SFI) party and was elected as the students’ union president at his college Gangadhar Meher College, Sambalpur. Later, he left the SFI party and became a member of the Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) and served as the vice president of Odisha’s National Students Union of India (NSUI) party.

Naba Kishore Das
Born7 January 1962 in Sambhalpur, Odisha 
29 January 2023 (aged 61) BhubaneswarOdisha, India
Political partyBiju Janata Dal
OccupationIndian Politician
Spouse Minati Das
Other Party Indian National Congress

 career of Political

In the politics of Odisha, Das was a part of the Biju Janata Dal. He was formerly a member of the Indian National Congress. With 62,663 votes, Das was chosen to serve in the 14th Odisha Legislative Assembly. After that, he was chosen to serve a second term in the 15th Odisha Legislative Assembly. Additionally, he was chosen to serve a third consecutive term in the 16th Odisha Legislative Assembly. He was the state’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare at the time of his passing.


Naba Das was shot four or five times by a police officer of ASI (Assistant sub-Inspector) rank on January 29, 2023, when he got out of his car in Gandhi Square. When the event occurred, the minister was en route to a meeting in Brajarajnagar, Jharsuguda district. Later, while receiving treatment at the Apollo hospital in Bhubaneswar, he passed away. An investigation of the incident was mandated by the Odisha government. The accused officer was then taken by the crime branch to the nearby Sundargargh district, where he was questioned by senior police, including ADG Arun Bothra.

Naba Das, a minister of health, was injured in the left chest by gunfire and sent to Apollo. He was treated and operated on right away by a group of medical professionals led by Dr. Debashish Nayak. During surgery, it was discovered that a single bullet had entered and exited the body, wounding the left lung and heart as well as causing severe internal haemorrhage. Injuries were fixed, and actions were taken to enhance the heart’s ability to pump blood. He received immediate ICU treatment. But despite all efforts, he passed away from his wounds and could not be revived.

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