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Mohammad Asif (YouTuber) Born, Life Style, Career, Biography & More

Mohammad Asif (YouTuber)

Mohammad Asif  (Born 23 August 1994) is an Indian YouTuber, who member and also owner of Sevenger’s YouTube channel, Who completed their journey of 10 million very fast. Mohd Asif who is known for his roles like Chatur Putaiya, All rounder Mochi, Khala haram ka khane, Chhotu dukandar, Dr Desi etc. Those who created their content for the first time in 2018 and uploaded on Tik Tok platform. Who gave him million views and millions of followers on Tik Tok in the very first day. But when Tiktok was banned in India, he started creating content on YouTube and in no time he crossed 10 million subscriber. When Tiktok was banned in India, he started making content on YouTube Shorts. And in some time he crossed 10 million subscriber on YouTube.

Early Lifestyle

Mohammad Asif (YouTuber) Born, Life Style, Career, Biography & MoreMohammad Asif who was born on 23 August 1994 in a Muslim family in the city of Mustafabad, Delhi. And whom we also know by the name Master Ji & Mr Hobbit. Those who had completed their studies up to 10th from their Delhi schools. Due to lack of interest in studies, he completed a course in film-making at Arena Animations and obtained a degree. And if we talk about Ashif father so his father was the designer of the wash basin who’s name wali Mohd.

Born23 August 1994
Birth PlaceMustafabad, Delhi
Know forComedy
EducationHigher school of Delhi
Parent’sWali Mohd

Career In YouTube

Mohammad Asif started his career even before 2018 when he was doing a course in film-making at Arena Animations. In those days Tiktok, which was a very famous application in India, was used to make short videos to reach people with their voice. Mohammad Asif (YouTuber) Born, Life Style, Career, Biography & MoreAshif made his video for the first time in an empty ground where he played the character of a cold drink seller. After that, for the first time, Ashif made a video together with his elder brother Nadeem, in which Ashif played the role of Masterji. In which he got a very good response, achieved millions of views and thousands of followers in a very short time.

But Tiktok was banned in India after some time. it seemed as if their hard work was wasted. But no, due to the ban on Tiktok, he got a new platform called YouTube. They started putting their content on YouTube shorts. After working so hard on Tiktok, he had to work even harder on YouTube shorts. Ashif had grown quickly on YouTube shorts but there came a time when he started feeling that the channel has become completely useless. This feeling came to him when he had already completed 4 million subscribers. Again the heart was disappointed but the reason for their growth was not to give up. And in no time they completed the journey of 10 million.

2022Shukriya SevengersKhanmusix, Master GSevengenrs

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Sevenger’s at YouTube

Master ji at Instagram




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