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Arshad (Youtuber) Born, Height, Weight, Career, Family & More

Arshad (Youtuber)

Arshad (Youtuber) Born, Height, Weight, Career, Family & MoreMohammad Arshad (Born 1 January) is an youtuber, comedian, and also part of sevengers team. who has been making comedy videos together with svengers for the past few years. We also know Arshad by the name of Zulmi Sabbo. Arshad has often played the character of Zumli Sabbo inside the video, which also checks him to a great extent. Apart from this, Arshad was also seen in the new song Shukriya Sevengers in 2022. Arshad has also played under 16 cricket match in 2016.

Early Lifestyle

Mohammad Arshad was born 1 January in a middle class Muslim family in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Most of the people in Arshad’s family are doctors and their family members wanted Arshad to become a doctor as well. He did his higher schooling from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and at the same time they started supplying water for their pocket money in their own area. After that Arshad shifted to Delhi in 2017. Where he obtained the degree of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Dehradun, Uttarakhand.


Arshad was very fond of cricket since childhood and also wanted to become a good cricketer because of which he had failed once in 12th class. Because Arshad used to blend from a middle family, his family could not make him a cricketer but still he joined cricket academy without informing his family. And after some time when he started playing well, the news of his game started appearing in Meerut Newspaper. And slowly his family members came to know about this through news paper. But when Arshad played Under 16 in 2016, he could not play further due to a small incident at that time. Due to which he had to leave cricket forever.

When Arshad came to Delhi for the first time in 2017 to complete his studies. Then they thought that I should make videos. Then he started making short videos but did not get such a special reach for the first time. While making short videos, he meets Mohammad Ashif, whom we also know as Masterji. And that was the turning point of his life, He started making videos with them, Although he had to face several atrocities from the society but he never gave up and continued his working.

Music Video

2022Shukriya SevengersKhanmusix, Master GSevengenrs

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