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Any Birmingham-based enterprise wanting to find a cleaning company in the city should ensure that they use one that is professional, safe and that has the necessary experience on hand to carry out a commercial clean adequately. Here are five key elements to take into consideration while searching for a cleaning company in Birmingham.

Whilst accreditation is not strictly required for commercial cleaning companies, those that have been certified with some kind of industry approval will provide you with further comfort that they've acquired the skills and know-how necessary to clean your business premises correctly and compliantly.

This is particularly important for organisations whose business involves close contact with youngsters, senior citizens, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. Prior to signing any cleaning contract, always ask the cleaning company whether it can prove to you that it has been through acceptable background record checks on its cleaning staff. Where your premises regularly deals with at risk groups, the commercial cleaning Birmingham company should provide cleaning staff who've passed a full police background check.

Ahead of any contract or agreement being agreed upon, make certain that cleaning company first supply you with a cleaning schedule that fully specifies how they intend to clean your commercial premises. Amongst other considerations, it is best to ensure that the office cleaning Birmingham company has included each of the areas you deem most important to clean, and that they have omitted any areas of the building that you specifically asked that they steer clear of. Ultimately, the specification should clearly set out what you would like to attain from each clean and the steps they are going to take during each visit to accomplish it.

Unless cleaning will only ever occur during work hours when the premises are open, many office cleaning Birmingham companies must become a designated key-holder to be able to access your building. If a security access code is also necessary to gain entry to the property, then the commercial cleaning Birmingham company should also be supplied with these access instructions. Therefore, it's important that the cleaning company can present you with information with regards to how it plans to keep this access information and the key to your premises protected.

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