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It goes without saying that seeing the dentist consistently is essential for us to maintain the health of our teeth. Yet, many of us visit the dentist for aesthetic purposes because we would like our teeth to look their best. Recently, the instruments, methods and technologies at a dentist's disposal have advanced significantly as well as the demand for cosmetic dentistry - dental treatments that enable us to keep our smile looking brilliant and our confidence levels upward!

Cosmetic dentistry comprises of a wide range of different treatments that are intended to enhance our smiles, aiming to restore chipped, missing or discoloured teeth, or improve the shape and setting of the teeth. Some of the treatments a cosmetic dentist provides include:

Tooth Whitening

In the long term, it's usual for our teeth to become discoloured or stained, particularly by several foods and drinks, traits such as smoking and using particular medications. Tooth whitening is a very popular and non-invasive procedure in which the colour of the teeth may be lightened a number of shades with no need to take away any tooth structure.

It's certainly far better to go to a dentist for tooth whitening treatment, because off the shelf tooth whitening solutions can be ineffective or actually dangerous. And, it's even more convenient and easier to acquire a brighter smile with an expert Home Whitening system from your dentist. Under advanced guidance, the safe and efficient home whitening kit incorporates custom whitening trays and a specialist bleaching gel, in order to whiten teeth in typically two weeks or less.


Porcelain veneers are highly fine shells that are customised to cover the front side of the teeth. Along with helping to close gaps in the teeth, or align crowded, protruding teeth, veneers tend to be preferable for lightening the colour of teeth, giving you a whiter smile.

Porcelain Crowns

Along with restoring the shape and performance of a tooth, crowns are additionally valuable in covering discoloured, poorly shaped teeth. Crowns, like veneers can be made of porcelain and look highly natural.

White Fillings

Dental fillings are employed to protect against the development of decay or tooth damage triggered by bacteria, restoring the tooth to its actual size and functionality. In the past, silver fillings were very common, however white fillings are now prefered. Silver fillings can often be replaced with white fillings to offer an improved cosmetic look.

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide the most natural looking solution for missing teeth. Attached straight into your jaw bone, the titanium implants can hold crowns or dentures completely into place and appear and feel genuine. Missing teeth can often result in your face looking a little sunken or drooping - by replacing the missing tooth, dental implants supply a solution for this concern.

If you'd like to improve the overall look of your smile, you can find out more here about the cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by Wycombe Dental.

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