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First, what do you want from your Surface? Are you a student or an office employee who needs more performance and overall flexibility than others? I would recommend Surface Pro 4 for you. If you are a freelancer and work wherever fits your day, Surface Book is just for you. For those who has a desk, Surface Studio provides everything you need. Click here for further detailed features and easy-to-compare Microsoft Store prices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

With new Surfaces, keyboard part of your laptop is not just a stock of body organs. Microsoft Surfaces don't need thick keyboards anymore.

The cheap model of Surface is Surface Pro 4. Starting from $899 ($699 until Valentine's Day-2017- in Microsoft Store) and goes up to $2599.

Runs desktop software just like a laptop. Draw and sketch on display. Stream music and shows with iTunes and Netflix.

Create and edit large databases or documents with Office. Make music with professional-grade apps. Do advanced image editing with programs like Adobe Creative Cloud.

Make professional HD video edits with programs like Adobe Premier Pro CC3. Work on professional-grade software like Visual Studio, or design and build 3D models with programs like AutoCAD. Run power-intensive software with simplicity.

Surface Book

Surface Book designed to run all the professional-grade software you need for engineering, design, and everything in-between. Intel Core processors have twice the power of a Macbook-pro 13". And its display has fifty percent more pixels than 13" MacBook Pro (MacBook Pro has 4096000 pixels Surface Book has 6000000).

Surface Book was carefully created to be a powerful laptop that is thin enough to consider anywhere without dropping an ounce of performance. Detach the display to transform Surface Book into a thin and light Intel Core i5/i7 PC, that runs professional class software. Surface Pen has 1024 numbers of pressure tenderness and an eraser on the other end, so handwritten notes on your screen are just like pen in writing.

All of These make Surface Pro a great selection for freelancers or all white collars, whose first priority is mobility.

Surface Book With Performance Base

A great improved and strengthened version of Surface Book. The battery lasts even much longer (16 hours of video playback) along with your processor is better with 6th era Intel Core-i7.

It has everything through intensive professional software, like SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, AutoCAD Revit, and Adobe Premiere Pro. With the power to run this software anywhere, you will not anymore chained to your desk.

Surface Studio

Wether upright in Desktop Function or lying flat in Studio Mode, Surface Studio gives amazing versatility to enhance the creative process. Touch, draw, visualize, and develop your ideas--just like you would on a sheet of paper.

Surface Studio comes with a brilliant, adaptable display that's suitable for participating and sharing work with teammates. And video phone calls feel like face-to-face gatherings thanks to the full high definition camera and speakers driven by premium Dolby Music. It also features the enterprise-grade security of House windows Hello, which quickly signs or symptoms you in with simply a look.

Designers' studios defintely won't be dominated by Apple iMacs anymore. Microsoft Surface Studio provides more colors, more performance and more flexibility than any machine at any time existed.

Check to see more.

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